Transitional Coaching

Helping leaders make a strong start

Research shows that despite their best intentions, many leaders underperform when they transition to a new role.

We aim to reduce our candidates’ time to peak performance by as much as 60% with a unique one-to-one transitional coaching service that’s free to any candidates we place into new assignments, with some modules beginning before the interview stage.

We’ll help them be effective faster, maintain their confidence and enjoy the process of beginning a new role. Our transitional coaching has proven hugely valuable to our candidates and comes with no additional charge to clients – we include this in our standard fee.

Our coaching can take place online or face to face. Candidates can even choose to have their sessions delivered in Monty, our mobile coaching office.  Meet Monty

Transitional Coaching

What's included?

Our coaching sessions are tailored to individual development needs identified in our psychometric reports or suggested by candidates, with a vital focus on the areas that will help them seamlessly transition into their new role and make the most difference to their ability to perform from day one.

This 6-12 month support programme can be purchased as a standalone package for an investment of £3,000 +VAT.

Transitional coaching modules

Developing your confidence

We help you to identify and create compelling stories about your strengths, values and beliefs so that you can present yourself credibly and authentically in interviews and your new role.

Letting go of your previous role

We’ll help you to create a positive legacy by leaving your previous role on the best possible terms, with empathy and perfectly-pitched messages for your former colleagues.

Learning quickly

Before you start your new role, we’ll help you create a development plan that allows you to be effective faster, including understanding your knowledge gaps and developing insight into your new role.

Understanding the business

We’ll help you focus on your new employer’s business model and operating environment and how you will fit into it, ensuring you gain an acute understanding of the business culture and your peers.

Securing early wins

This module is about making an impact quickly, identifying priorities for your first three months, creating a communications plan, adding value to your peers and manager and ensuring you fit in.

Creating a strong support network

Identify a strong internal and external network, understand who will champion you and who won’t, and develop a pragmatic attitude about who can help you and who you can help.

Building a strong team

It’s important to develop your credibility within your team, understand the individuals within it, establish how you're going to assess them, and set expectations accordingly. This is imperative for a great start.

Career coaching (outplacement service)

Helping people of any level of experience find direction, understand their values, strengths and transferable skills and begin or change career. Includes CV preparation, interview skills, selling your story and networking.

Keep your balance

We’ll help you to be mindful of your own wellbeing, ensure you’re taking care of yourself, are aware of your support network and empowered to go it alone when required.

Building a strong relationship with your manager

What kind of rapport do you want with your line manager, and what kind of communication will work best between you? We’ll help you ensure you get it right.

All our coaching modules can be purchased as a standalone service available to anyone seeking support in their career development.

Bring the best “you” to your new role.

Our coaching modules are flexible and customisable to suit you. As a team that provides a responsive service, we’d love to hear how we can support you.