Tailored coaching programmes for peak performance.

Our coaching programmes can help leaders improve their time to effective performance in a new role, get the best from their teams, enhance their resilience - or simply help individuals take the next step in their career.

Regardless of which modules you need, our coaching is all about preparing individuals for the challenges of a new role or a career change in increasingly demanding and volatile environments where safety is critical and effective performance essential.

Ultimately, our coaching is designed to produce high-performing, positive and secure teams by empowering individuals to be the best and the most inspiring they can be.

Our experienced, qualified coaching team will be deeply invested into your development and success, working with signature Thrive Team empathy and kindness to support you and repay your trust in us as we help you to unlock the best version of yourself as you prepare for the next stage in your career.

Transitional and executive coaching

Transitional Coaching

From letting go of previous roles and developing confidence to building strong teams and gaining quick wins, this programme helps reduce your time to peak performance.

Leadership Coaching

Organisations with engaged teams, minimal absenteeism and outstanding customer service often share a common factor: inspiring leaders. That’s exactly what this programme helps to develop.

Mental Toughness Coaching

We provide a framework for developing mental toughness that can have a lasting impact on organisational performance, resilience and positivity - both for individuals and teams.

Career Coaching

A programme for anyone who wants to find direction, understand their values, strengths and transferable skills or change career. Includes CV preparation, interview skills, networking etc.
"The sessions gave me perspective, possibility to reframe my experience and tools to deal with things moving forward. This was invaluable, particularly in a new role with lots of challenges and a steep learning curve."
Senior Leader
Transitional Coaching

Bring the best “you” to your new role.

Our coaching modules are flexible and customisable to suit you. As a team that provides a responsive service, we’d love to hear how we can support you.