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We’re an executive search and organisational wellbeing company with a signature approach to hiring leaders and ensuring they and their teams flourish. Our search, candidate coaching and training services are founded on our belief that organisations win when people thrive.

We have developed a unique model for hiring leaders and helping to develop them and their teams. Firstly, we find the right leader for the right role. Then we provide a tailored transitional coaching programme, free to our search candidates but available to anyone, that gives them the support they need to bring the best version of themselves to their new role.

Finally, we provide a raft of training courses centred on organisational wellbeing – from mental health first aid training to resilience, mental toughness, smart communication and more – that helps our clients ensure their teams are happy, productive and supported.

Our values

Organisations don’t thrive unless people care. We can only do what we do because we take our candidates’ and our clients’ success personally. So whatever service we’re delivering, when we work with you we’re totally committed, all in, with you all the way.


We’re committed to doing the right thing for candidates and clients.


Our candidates’ and clients’ needs are mission-critical. So we won’t put a candidate forward for a role unless we’re convinced it will be a happy, productive fit. What we do changes lives, and we never forget it.


Our support continues way beyond a search assignment. A new role is only the beginning, so while we deliver high-performing individuals, we’ll do all we can to ensure they continue to develop.


The individuals in The Thrive Team are united by a shared belief that only kindness and empathy can create truly effective, motivated, highly-functioning teams in the long term.


It’s why we’re here. We’re about making you successful, and what we do helps businesses to win in the best possible way - by creating healthy, sustainable success through thriving teams.

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Organisations the world over are waking up to the importance of happy, healthy, resilient teams. But how do you build teams and cultures like this?