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Organisations win when people thrive.

Employers the world over are waking up to the importance of healthy, happy, resilient teams.

Discover. Develop. Thrive.

We’re an executive search and organisational wellbeing company with a signature approach to hiring leaders and helping them and their teams to flourish. Our three core services align to deliver high performance and stability and to develop psychologically safe cultures in safety-critical industries where motivated, healthy teams are essential.


Finding the leaders that will transform your business. Delivered with exceptional support and dedication to both candidates and clients.


Helping our candidates transition into new roles with confidence and be effective faster. Also available as a standalone service.


Workplace training courses designed to help teams perform in a changeable world, enabling them to thrive in work and life.

A word about kindness

Organisations don't thrive unless people care.

Talk of kindness from executive search and performance consultants? Aren’t we supposed to be all pinstripes and stern attitude?

Visit our offices and you’ll hear us talk about kindness rather a lot.

We don’t think you can develop people or teams without kindness, respect and care for their experience. Being transactional is for others. For us, the mission is always personal, and the outcome all the better for it.

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Featured training courses

Resilience workshop
2 hour workshop
Online Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
15 hours completed through individual learning and 4 live online sessions delivered over a two week period
Mental Health First Aid Champion
1 day certificated course
Mental Health First Aid Awareness
1⁄2 day certificated course

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