Leadership Coaching

Developing Effective Leaders.

Effective leadership is about getting people to willingly and enthusiastically commit to your cause.

Organisations with effective leadership can overcome issues such as absenteeism, poor customer service, ineffective team working and resistance to change, resulting in more competitive performance and a more positive culture. 

Using the ILM72 assessment, The Thrive team can enhance your leadership competencies and develop your leadership style, helping inculcate a sense of growth, belonging and self-esteem into individuals and increasing their loyalty to your organisation.

What is the ILM72?

The ILM72 is the result of a major study carried out by psychometrics provider AQR in association with the Institute of Leadership Management. It looked at over 50 leadership models and found that all had their origins in the same components – 6 scales which represented different aspect of leadership style.

Leadership Coaching
Scale Scale Description Poles
GOAL ORIENTATION How important achieving goals is to the leader The Means v. The End
MOTIVATION What the leader believes is the prime path to motivation The Task v. The Person
ENGAGEMENT How leaders will engage with others Flexible v. Dogmatic
CONTROL The extent to which leaders need to be in control De-Centralised v. Centralised
RECOGNITION The leaders preferred approach to recognition Reward v. Punishment
STRUCTURE How important structure is to the leader Structured v. Organic

This 72 item reliable psychometric measure is normative, enabling users to assess leadership style and effectiveness before and after an event such as a training & development or coaching programme.

The ILM72 provides a highly effective and user friendly set of reports designed for optimum impact in a wide range of scenarios.

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What's included?

This module comes with an extensive support package including:

Price: £1675 +VAT

"It was useful for me to step away from the doing and think about how I can do things better or differently by enabling more people. Having a few specific issues to work through was useful, especially preparing for the difficult conversation meeting."
Senior Leader
Leadership Coaching

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