Mental Health First Aid & Awareness

Training for a healthier, happier, more productive workplace.

Workplace training to help your managers & teams spot the signs of mental ill-health, create cultures where people are comfortable discussing mental health, and better support their reports and peers.

With one in six workers experiencing depression, anxiety or stress-related problems at any time and one in five people set to take time off due to stress, mental ill-health is an issue employers cannot afford to ignore. And while much of our training is about promoting resilience and creating psychologically safe environments, our Mental Health First Aid training helps address these issues should they arise.

In the UK the cost of mental health-related issues at work is £1,300 for every employee in the workforce, yet only about a quarter of managers have received any training in mental health.

The Thrive Team provides a range of MHFA England-certificated and non-certificated Mental Health Awareness courses delivered by quality-assured trainers, delivered in an appropriately sympathetic, judgement-free environment.

Our courses:

  • Raise awareness and mental health literacy
  • Reduce stigma around mental ill-health
  • Promote early intervention and thus recovery
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Helping organisations to thrive

Our workplace training courses focus on mental health and wellbeing – helping employees perform better, be more resilient and better able to support their peers.