Online Short Wellbeing Workshops

1 hour

Online Short Wellbeing Workshops

Our short wellbeing workshops are ideal for lunch and learn type sessions as part of your organisation’s wellbeing calendar. Typically they last for an hour, although duration can be increased if you’d prefer a slightly longer session

Delivered online using a blended approach of presentation, small and large group discussion as well as opportunities for individual reflection, these short sessions are informative and designed to get participants thinking about their own wellbeing.

Each workshop has an accompanying workbook with tools and resources for participants to use during the workshop and refer to at a later date.

Topics include:

  • Address Your Stress
  • THRIVE Your Way to Resilience
  • Your Self Care Audit

We can bespoke our workshops to include any company specific messages and supporting resources.

For an informal discussion, call Ali on 01243 957667 or email

Online Short Wellbeing Workshops
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