Mental Health First Aid

2 day certificated course
MHFA England Instructor Member

Mental Health First Aid

Who is it for?

Anyone over 18, especially useful for managers, HR and First Aiders (physical).

What will I learn on the 2 day Mental Health First Aid course?

  • To identify the early signs of mental ill health.
  • Confidence in starting a conversation about mental health.
  • To provide help to prevent mental ill health from getting worse, and aid quicker recovery.
  • To feel confident guiding someone towards appropriate support.

Topics covered:

The course is delivered in four sections, each with a focus on how to apply Mental Health First Aid skills.

Day 1

Session 1
  • Why Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)?
  • The MHFA action plan
  • What is mental health?
  • Impact of mental health issues
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • What is depression?
  • Symptoms and risk factors for depression
  • Depression in the workplace
Session 2
  • Suicide figures
  • Alcohol, drugs and mental health
  • First aid for suicidal crisis
  • Non-judgemental listening skills
  • First aid for depression
  • Treatment and resources for depression

Day 2

Session 3
  • What is an anxiety disorder?
  • First aid for anxiety disorders
  • Crisis first aid after a traumatic event
  • Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders
  • Treatment and resource for anxiety disorder
  • Cognitive distortions and CBT
  • Personality disorders
  • Eating disorders and self harm
Session 4 
  • What is psychosis?
  • Risk factors for psychosis
  • Alcohol, drugs and psychosis
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Warning signs of developing psychosis
  • Crisis first aid for acute psychosis
  • Treatment and resources for psychosis
  • Recovery and building resources
  • Action planning for using MHFA

Everyone who attends the course will receive a copy of the Mental Health First Aid Manual, Workbook and Line Manager’s Resource to help support their mental health first aid practice.

"I have had terrific feedback from those who attended so I just wanted to thank you once again for delivering such informative and thought provoking training. I have already had to deal with an incident and felt much more empowered and confident in doing so."

Mental Health First Aid
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