Today we turn 2!

18 January 2021

Today we turn 2!

Today is our second birthday. What a journey it’s been, navigating a global pandemic for almost a whole year now!

This time last year we were just about to jet off to Thailand for our honeymoon. The day after we returned to the UK they stopped flights from Thailand and very soon after we were into lockdown.

Like every business we had some very tough decisions to make to help us survive. We’re still here, having learnt so much about business, what our clients need (and don’t need) and perhaps most importantly what we need as business partners and husband and wife to get through the tough times.

We have so many achievements to celebrate from the last two years. Most importantly though, we’re very excited about the year ahead and the huge opportunities that 2021 brings.

🔎 helping our clients find candidates for their hard to fill roles
💁🏻‍♂️ supporting our candidates with transition coaching
💚 training even more people in #mentalhealthfirstaid skills
💪🏻 helping individuals develop their mental toughness and leadership styles through our coaching programmes

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