It’s not just about headhunting!

21 October 2020

It’s not just about headhunting!

We’re all about personal development here at The Thrive Team and for past 18 months Martin, Co Founder and Director has been working towards a coaching diploma and accreditation. Our latest blog explains how coaching adds value to his headhunting candidates and clients.

I am delighted to have passed my Diploma in Transformational Coaching thanks to Damion Wonfor and the team at Catalyst 14.  This has led on to an Individual Award at Foundation Level with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).  This gives me a globally recognised accreditation and I work to the EMCC Code of Ethics.  It also gives me a framework for future development for my coaching and mentoring.

For years I had the idea of adding value to my clients and candidates by offering transition coaching to all our placed candidates.  This is something unique in our industry and I am delighted that with The Thrive Team, I now have the vehicle to do it.

What we do as headhunters is add value to our clients by finding the best possible fit for their organisations but how about the candidates that we place? We are actually quite disruptive as headhunters.  We contact potential candidates out of the blue, talk to them about their careers and then we look to fill the roles that we have been retained to fill.  They were not necessarily looking to change jobs, neither were their families looking to relocate, sometimes internationally.   Transition coaching for our placed candidates can help the whole family.

Over the last 8 – 10 years I have also seen a great deal of men, generally (because the industries I work in tend to me male dominated), who have been suffering from burn out or in some cases with mental ill health.  I always thought there must be more that I can do to help.  Again, with The Thrive Team we have the skills in house or with one of our amazing Associates to be able to help most people to get through their troubled times and to come out stronger on the other side of their coaching.

Martin is an amazing coach and I felt very comfortable working with him since the beginning. His personality and way of approaching the sessions made me feel as if I had known him from before. I opened myself 100%. During the sessions time passed very quickly but I really enjoyed the “homework” he sent me, and I feel I have been working really hard to excel myself. He asked me questions that made me reflect a lot and I have considered things for my future life I hadn’t even thought about before the coaching. We have finalised the coaching and he has already reached out to check on me. I have recommended Martin to many colleagues.

Project Leader transitioning roles and country

We are offering all our placed candidates 12 months’ worth of Transitional Coaching to help them leave their current role and move forward and be highly successful in their new organisations.  Research shows that it takes 18 months for people in career transition to reach their peak performance in their new organisations, with the right coaching this peak can be reached much earlier and helps both the organisations and candidates to be highly successful.

If you would like to work with me either as a headhunter or as a coach or work with one of our fabulous Associates, please do get in touch.  You never know where that phone call or email could take you in the future. Tel:  01243 957667, email:

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