Our carefully designed selection techniques mitigate risk and maximise return on investment by predicting performance. We use structured interviews, psychometric assessments and aptitude/ability tests to yield information on which the best hiring decisions can be made.

As illustrated in Figure 1, the three key components that drive superior performance are:

  • The motivation level and attitude of the individual
  • Their technical knowledge, skills and experience
  • The behaviours they typically use when fulfilling their role

The Thrive Team measures all of these aspects when recruiting leaders for organisations.

While no selection system is perfect, research has shown that the use of structured assessment tools – such as competency based interviewing, psychometric testing and assessment centres – are more reliable in their ability to predict how well an individual will perform in a new role.

The Thrive Team’s bespoke performance framework drives an objective and robust recruitment and selection process for our clients and also provides a focus for relevant, structured developmental feedback and the assessment of potential for succession planning.

Performance of people

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Our search and selection team works hard to bring the right person with the right skills to an organisation that has the right culture to support the candidate’s career objectives and emotional wellbeing. This ‘best match’ scenario enables clients to prosper and candidates to thrive.

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