Case Study: Bouncing Back in a Post-Pandemic World

1 August 2022

Case Study: Bouncing Back in a Post-Pandemic World

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provide specialist NHS mental health and learning disability services in South East England. With over 6000 staff they care for people of all ages across Sussex at home, in hospital and through their community services. They also provide specialist mental health services for children and young people in Hampshire.

The Challenge – Reenergising the Team

Like many healthcare trusts Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust were facing a big problem; After working tirelessly throughout the pandemic many of the team were feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and burned out. Months of intense pressure was taking its toll, leaving the Trust searching for ways that they could best support their teams. The Trust knew and understood how important building resilience would be for their teams and decided that by focussing on this they could give their teams practical tools and techniques that they could help them to feel more in control of the pressures they faced. 

The Solution – Bespoke Resilience Workshops

Having worked with The Thrive Team before, the Trust  knew that we would be flexible to their needs.  

It was important that we developed a workshop that was evidence based and we knew that introducing the concept of mental toughness based on the MTQPlus psychometric assessment we use in our coaching practice would provide the perfect framework for the workshop enabling us to share tools and strategies that would support delegates to build resilience and address the unique challenges  their teams were facing. 

We worked with them to schedule workshops across a range of shift patterns, including evenings to maximise attendance.  

Delegates on previous workshops that The Thrive Team had delivered for the Trust had given outstanding feedback not only about course content but about the style and delivery of the Trainers. 

“The Thrive Team were flexible to our needs and made sure that we were providing tools and training that would really make a difference to our teams. We’ve always had brilliant feedback from courses that they’ve delivered before and we knew that their training style, open nature and passion for what they do would be right for our needs.”

Jo Mitchell, the Trust’s Staff Health and Wellbeing Lead.

The Detail – How we delivered

Over a period of two months The Thrive Team delivered ten 2 hour online workshops to a total of 123 Trust staff. The evidence based workshop covered the following topics: 

• What is resilience and why develop it? 

• Resilience and it’s links to mental toughness 

• Mental toughness and the road to thriving 

• Your mental toughness audit 

• Everyday techniques to help you THRIVE and build resilience 

• Your resilience savings account

The feedback from the course was overwhelmingly positive with 100% of respondents to an anonymous post workshop survey reporting that as a result of attending the training they had a better understanding of resilience and they now had tips, tools or techniques to help them build or maintain their own resilience.

The Feedback – 100% Positive

“Thank you so much for delivering such positive and thought provoking training. I really enjoyed the time spent and found it to be incredibly useful.”

Online Course Attendee

“A big thank you for this afternoon, I have so enjoyed it, and it’s made me remember how to cope with stress and pressure. You are an inspirational presenter, thank you again.”

Online Course Attendee

“Thank you for today’s session, it was really useful stuff. Also, thank you, for being so open about your own experiences and life challenges, it makes training so much more human when people share their own lives and thoughts.”

Online Course Attendee

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